Guests who’ve gone gorilla trekking in Rwanda with Cregor Adventures report that it truly is a life-changing experience.

The chance to see one of these noble primates — of which an estimated 900 remain in the wild — in their natural environment is humbling, awe-inspiring and for many, once-in-a-lifetime. Our Rwanda trek, limited to just eight participants at a time, takes you deep into the African cloud forest for an intimate look at these gentle giants.

Custom Adventures Available

We offer both fixed-itinerary gorilla treks in Rwanda as well as custom tours tailored to our clients’ interests. Cregor Adventures has run tours in Africa for years and can help you plan a truly unique experience your whole family will enjoy. Contact us and let us help you make your dream vacation a reality!

We’ve gone out of our way to ensure our Rwanda mountain gorilla treks adhere to the highest standards of ethical tourism. As the mountain gorilla is an endangered species, respect for its habitat is crucial. That’s why we’ve partnered with a local tour operator with over 14 years of experience. As the only tour operator to sign the Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes, our partner is committed to delivering adventures that don’t hinder the gorilla’s recovery.

Book Your Rwanda Gorilla Trek Today!

We are extremely limited in the number of Rwanda mountain gorilla treks we can offer each year, so be sure to book your adventure early. Contact Cregor Adventures today for dates, detailed itineraries and pricing information.

A personal note from Peggy Cregor

I have always been fascinated and enchanted by mountain gorillas. I have waited many years for the opportunity and the privilege to sit amongst these magical creatures. Two years ago it was finally MY time. And it did not disappoint. In fact, it was even more magical than I could have ever imagined. If this is finally YOUR time, please call us with any questions about this “once in a lifetime adventure!”